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    Default How to Know if You're in Criminal Trouble After Shoplifting

    Ok just want to start this off by saying obviously I made a terrible mistake.
    I was stopped by an LP person at JC Penney for stealing 84 dollars worth of makeup.
    I was brought into the back room. There was security officers there from the mall as well.
    I asked the LP guy if I would get in serious trouble and if it would be on my record and he said because it was my first time I would probably be let go with the slap on the wrist. The police officer came and he didn't say anything. He just asked how old I was(20) and where I go to school. the security guards of the mall asked how long my ban should be for (to the police officer) and he said 3 months, the mall security argued that its a 1 year minimum and the police officer said just to do it for 3 months. Then he left without handing me a citation or a court date or anything. The LP guy told me I would have a civil demand sent to me and just to pay it to they don't come after me. After that I was let go. My question is whether or not I am in any legal trouble and if I just pay whatever demand I get sent if I will be okay after this?
    It was a terrible thing to do and it was definetely my first and last.

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    Default Re: How to Know if You're in Criminal Trouble After Shoplifting

    It's never a good idea to take legal advice from the LP or the cops.

    Chances are if the cop didn't bother to do anything at the time you dodged the criminal bullet though it's possible the store would file a complaint anyhow.

    Stay out of that mall.
    Stop stealing.

    The civil demand is independent of the criminal action.

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