My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Missouri


I got my third motion to dismiss in a year and I have made deals to keep this chapter 13 going (which always means an increase in payment) and I find it very hard to keep up with payments with life getting in the way. My husband took a large ($20,000+) pay cut just prior to our bankruptcy and it has been next to impossible to keep up with payments. It isn't like we are spending on vacations or luxury items. We are just trying to pay the bills and the trustee. He told us with my husband's income we still wouldn't qualify to convert to chapter 7 and just work with the bank ourselves. I am in amazement that this is considered relief. So what would you do? Allow the dismissal, try to work with the bank and hope creditors don't sue us? Is it possible to file another chapter 13? I am just at a loss and so tired of feeling like I am drowning.

Thanks ahead for any advice.