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    Default Can You Sue a Customer for Posting a Bad Review to a Website

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Washington.
    recently I had a client say this on a popular social media website."I will NEVER go back to this place.(my name was here) did not listen to what I had asked. Told my 7 yr old to sit still or he would screw up his own hair cut....while holding onto his ear. She then told me to sit down I don't know how to cut hair after I mentioned that I hadn't wanted the top buzzed. She did it anyway. While doing a "hard part" on the part line she knicked a line in the back of his head trying to coordinated the comb and clipppers. When she asked about the front I told her it was already messed up so do what she wanted and I'd fix it later. She just stared at me. I asked for my son's smock to be taken off and we were leaving. After she said we didn't have to pay she threw her scissors and comb and screamed **** and ran out of the store. Arms in the air and a screaming fit and ran to her car. Insidr her car she continued to scream at the top of her lungs and throw her arms around. The three kids with me were scared and one asked "can we please hurry and get out of here she is scary."
    Part of the job, like any customer service job, is unhappy customers. Throwing a temper tantrum is probably not the best way to handle the situation. I have never seen anything like it.
    Uncalled for"
    I did about half of her son's haircut when I took down the cowlick on the back of his head (wich is common practice) she got upset and said "I didn't want it buzzed up there" I tried to explain to her that it wasn't buzzed on top, that short hair pushes long hair and that by taking the cowlick short it wouldn't stick up. at this point she would not look at me or even listen to what I was saying. I was afraid to cut the rest at that point because of knew she wouldn't like anything I did from there. so I asked her if I could texture the top of her son's hair and she replied "I don't care. it already looks like shit just finish what you're doing and I'll fix it at home" She stood up and said "it looks like shit right here"(referring to his cowlick area) as I was listening to her she burst out and said "stop looking at me like I'm a ****ing idiot. unhook my son so we can leave" I took off the cape her son was wearing and they left the store. feeling flustered and discouraged I went to my car and I screamed. I wasn't aware that she could hear me. after being nice and professional and being picked apart by someone I didn't even know i went to my car and screamed. I was by my self and I didn't know anyone could here me. I released my negative energy and went back to work. as I'm with my next client she calls back the store to belittle me some more. not only did my coworkers see what happend but we have cameras in our store too. she made a fool of me in front of potential clients, has put a review online that wasn't completely true and from there went on to beat a dead hourse. it was a blessing that what she posted didn't get me fired. I got to keep my job but what she posted can and will hinder me in the future not only with clients but with future employers. is there anyway to have this removed? or is she legally in the right to post that?

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    Default Re: My Reputation is in at Stake

    I see very little difference between your post and hers.

    Can you clue me in into what she said that is untrue and that is damaging to your reputation.

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    Default Re: My Reputation is in at Stake

    Quote Quoting sjsbug
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    or is she legally in the right to post that?
    You admit you went to your car and screamed.

    The post is the truth, at least about that. As for the rest, it's just opinion based on her dissatisfaction.

    She's got a right to post the facts and her opinion.

    Everybody in a service business gets a bad customer occasionally.

    You need to learn some self-control if you are concerned about your work future. That's on you.

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    Default Re: My Reputation is in at Stake

    So she's to be legally barred from stating her opinion?

    But you're allowed to state your opinion of her?

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