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    Default Dad wants good school for son

    My ex-wife has decided she wants to home school our Son. She doesnt have the time(owns her own business) or the dedication for this kind of thing. I have joint custody of our our son with my ex as the custodial parent. We are in the State of Indiana. Do I have any rights to object to this idea of home schooling,and bring my Son to live with me and attend scool in my town? He has had a rough time in the school system my ex wife lives in and she seems to think that home schooling is the answer. I feel otherwise.
    Thank You!!

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    Default Re: Dad wants good school for son

    I'm sorry to say this, but you really have no say in the matter unless you can get her to agree. The courts will not help you either. Fathers have no rights in this country.

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    Default Re: Dad wants good school for son

    That comment was cynical, and (fortunately) incorrect.

    Yes, you have the right to object. Whether it would be a basis to modify custody is something you should discuss with a local child custody lawyer.

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