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    Default City is Requiring Expensive Repairs, Threatens to Remove Homeowner From His House

    I could understand if it were a commercial rental property or maybe a business but isn't this violating his rights / discriminating against him? I mean there is only so much a poor person can do and they are basically regulating the guy out of his house. It reminds me of the "constructive eviction" laws that say you cant shut off a tenants power, etc.

    Is there any way he can fight back? What if we get a bunch of homeowners together?

    If we had to pay an attorney instead of doing it ourselves is there an "almost guaranteed" amount of cash to pay for a group lawsuit to get the city off everyones back side once and for all (not just one guy) or at least get them off all the claimants? I'm guessing we could collect 100 or 200 per house and get 20-60 people. Maybe we could get more if we wait long enough.

    Could we get the suit started, get an injunction, then as a few months went by add 20 people a month to the suit and collect their contributions to pay the attorney? Or sue for attorneys fees? I'm guessing this is too much of an uphill battle/small potatoes for an attorney to take it on contingency. Would one even take it if we had cash in hand?

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    Default Re: City is Requiring Expensive Repairs, Threatens to Remove Homeowner From His House

    You haven't told us what is wrong with the house. Some defects rise to the level that a home is no longer legally habitable.

    You failed to follow the instruction to identify your state. I suggest that you help your friend search for resources in his state that might help him repair his home.

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