My ex husband and I own property together, and our divorce papers state that when that property is sold he owes me a large sum of money. So to get out of paying me the money, I was served with papers stating that I owe him money on back child support and medical bills, and insurance. Our divorce papers state that, there is no child support during this time, and as long as I am a full time student, which I have been... And he and I also qualify for state supplied insurance and no cost, but he remarried and had the kids put on her insurance. Our divorce paper states that there is no child support "until further order of the court". Please explain to me, can he come back on child support, and do I owe him money on doc bills, even though the kids couldve had insurance with no bills...he never asked me if I was ok with the kids being put on his new wifes insurance. Can I demand him to get Medicare for the kids?? Or can I? and can he come back on me for child support, even though I have been a full time student in College as the papers suggest, and even though it says NO child support at this time, "UNTIL FURTHER ORDER OF THE COURT"?? He is wanting to keep the money he owes me on this property for what he calls back child support and medical bills...Can he do this??