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    Copyright happens automatically, as explained further in this article on copyright law, but you can't get statutory damages for a violation of your copyright unless you register the copyright.

    Often the best action for somebody whose work has been misappropriated by a website is to file a DMCA complaint with the webhost of the site which has plagiarized his work.

    Hey Aaron, just wondering if I could ask a question regarding teh DMCA complaint, does that work for websites all over the globe, say I live in Boston and somebody copied the content of my website in the other side of the world in Australia, will the DMCA complaint still work as a recourse for me?


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    The DMCA is a U.S. Act, so it can be of little to no benefit when served on a company overseas. But if the company is doing business in the United States, even if based overseas, they may be inclined to honor it as the case can probably be made for their falling under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Court system based upon their business dealings. All you can really do is try and see what happens.

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