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    Default Harassment by the Administrator of an Online Forum

    My question involves defamation in the state of: MN or NY dont know

    I am in state of shock and feel like losing my mind, so please deal me with some empathy here (I am not in position to take more bullying): I posted some informational messages on an internet forum on which thousands of people interact, and since then one of the Site Administrator (and a User, a close friend of his) have been badly harassing me. He searched through my IP Address and the email address I had supplied during the forum registration, my private account information, he not only posted that confidential information on the forum but also posted some very obscene sexual pictures that I didn't even know ever existed. I have denied that the pictures are mine, since it would humiliate me even more. I have been since banned, and he is continuing to post sexual pictures, and the entire forum is participating in a mob lynching act. One of the leading Users is in NY. I am in MN. The forum itself I dont know where they are incorporated.

    I am now researching on my options. It seems like this is a criminal offence - up to felony in state of NY and I dont know what is the status of such things in MN. Maybe I can call the NY police and file a police report against that individual user? What are the relevant statues I can read through, what should I do, which jurisdiction/state my case would fall into, I realize this is a free forum, but I really appreciate your help.

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    Default Re: Cyber Bullying

    Were the pictures of you?

    Which confidential information was shared?

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    Default Re: Cyber Bullying

    The pictures are mine, but how they were obtained, I cannot think through. In addition: email address, name supplied with my account registration, IP address, all social networking ID's ever created.

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