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    Default Accused of Harassment by a USPS Mail Carrier

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Massachusetts

    I've been dealing with my mail carrier for five months now. It started in September when I wrote a complaint to them about not delivering my package when tracking said they'd be due. The next day my mail carrier rang my door bell and yelled at me for the wording of the letter. Since then she's thrown packages, not put mail in the mail box, yelled at me for watching her deliver my mail from my living room window, and mail has still been not delivered on the date it's promised.

    My husband started recording her so we could prove our mail was being mistreated. We didn't record audio as per Massachusetts law, and there are videos all over YouTube of the USPS throwing packages.

    Yesterday we found out they have stopped our mail because our mail carrier is feeling "harassed", and I was told to stop looking out my window in my own home, and stop recording my front door because this is harassment. I was also told we're being investigated by the postal investigators which I've learned are Federal.

    I'm concerned. Do I need legal representation? Can I really go to jail for looking out my window and taping my property? Is there anything I can do about getting my mail reinstated? Am I really harassing this woman just by watching her? Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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    Default Re: USPS Says I Can't Look Out My Window or Videotape My Door

    If you are doing only what you say you are doing, it appears that a good defense to your complaint is the local PO is harassing you.

    Have you spoken to the local Postmaster?

    I would not be so concerned with the threat of investigation. I seriously doubt that postal inspectors would waste their time on this. The USPS has to deliver your mail.

    Tell the local Postmaster that unless your complaint is handled and investigated according to the regulations and that your mail delivery is reinstated that you will file a complaint with the USPS Office of Inspector General and see what they say.

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