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    Default How Long Does It Take To Receive Back Pay

    My husband started receiving his ssdi check the first of november.He is due to recieve 19 months backpay.It has been 4 months now since the hearing.Guess what no backpay yet.No he never recieved and ssi or workmans comp during those years.We live in the state of Georgia.Does anyone have any ideas or answers

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    Default Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    Try contacting the Social Security Administration to find out if there is a reason for the delay. I'm not sure what else to suggest at this point in time.

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    Default Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    I too have been waiting on back pay, I was approved Sept. 12 of 2007. I am expecting about 18 months of back pay. I was originally told expect it 60-90 days after I recieved my first check which was 11/28/07. I have talked to SS several times since and I have really gotten about 5 different answers. 2 weeks ago the lady told me that I should have it before March 1, 2008. In the mean time, I've learned my attorney has already been paid, in Nov. of '07.
    Today I thought I would call again and see if there was change. Sure enough there was. The guy told me in about 60 days. That my claim had just started being reviewed Jan 26 and it would take about 60 days.
    I know how you guys feel as it's like nobody can really tell you the truth. I don't know if its because nobody does know, or if there trained to just tell you whatever!
    Good luck

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    Post Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    I don't want to be a downer, but if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't be so ticked off! My ALJ hearing was March 28,2007, and he put in an "on the record" approval. Yay! I, of course, still had to wait for the same channels. I got my letter, and received my first monthly payment June 3, 2007. I called SS office, and they told me that it would be 60-90 days until I got my backpay from when I got my first payment. Ok, to not get anxious too soon, I figured 90 days or so. August and September came and went...nothing. I called around Oct 5th or so, and they told me that it was still being processed and the most recent activity was 3 days prior. Ok, more waiting time. I called again, monthly, with them unable to provide any more answers than the first time. Last month I received a letter that my son was not eligible to receive payment for March of 2005 because I was on State Disability at the time. Ok, more indication that they have the information they supposedly need to process backpay. Now, it is Feb 20, 2008 and I still do NOT have my backpay. All the SS office could do yesterday when I called was send another (yep, another) message for the processing center to contact me, and that they could see that they had not contacted me after the first one back in December.

    My son received his backpay June 20, 2007!! so this process is all screwy and no one knows even a little bit of how to calculate how long it will take It has been 9 months since I received my first payment, and in 5 weeks it will be a year since my hearing....and they still have no clue as to when I'll get it.

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    Angry Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    I have had a four year battle with the red tape involved in SS Disability
    Claims. After two denials and a request for a hearing, I was finally
    approved on February 26, 2008, after contacting my senator in Maryland. My approval came 4 years to the day
    that I went out of work sick, depleted my savings, lost my health
    insurance, borrowed from my elderly mother, maxed out my credit cards and qualified for Food Stamps. This is such a tragedy for
    our country's disabled. We work all our lives, then become disabled by one
    means or another and can not hold down gainful employment. Then when we
    have used up all our savings, maxed out our credit cards, and are on the
    verge of OR HAVE lost our homes, there is no help out there for us. We
    can't get state Medicaid because SS hasn't deemed us disabled yet. Can't
    afford to buy medicine or go to the doctor, deplete savings from our other
    family members. It is a vicious tragedy!! I read in an article written by
    an ex-SS administrative hearing judge that it cost the Social Security
    Administration at least $200,000 in administrative costs and that it takes
    at least 4 staff members to handle one hearing. If they would approve
    those after the first or second appeal, then the admin costs would not be
    spent. And the thing is that many of us would never collect $200,000 in
    disability payments in our lifetimes. So what is their excuse??? Our
    country goes on to fund third world countries, the unnecessary war in
    Iraq, and God knows what else, while our country's disabled get put on the
    back burner and get worse or even die or commit suicide all due to the red
    tape in Washington!!! We have become the country's new destitute
    individuals while Washington sits on their fat wallets!!!
    Here is a website that is dedicated wholly to Social Security Disability Reform:

    I contacted the Payment Center today and was told they still have not received the adjudication from the ALJ, but she took my Direct Deposit info and said she would call me by next week. I am due 48 months of backpay!!! I hope it doesn't take as long to get it as it did to get approved. I will be somewhat irritated if my attorney gets paid before I do!!!

    Still waiting!!

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    Default Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    Wow--I'm getting nervous after reading this is ridiculous, all the hurdles and length of time, as well as aggravation, anxiety, worry we are put through to even find out if your claim is approved or denied. Then to wait forever to get what is rightfully yours...I was told today, by my w/comp adjustor that SS disability may put a lien on my settlement when I get that true?

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    Default Re: How long does it take to receive back pay

    That can be addressed in your thread on that subject.

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