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    Post CC&R's vs. Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws

    I am a property manager in Mesa Arizona at a property that is about 50% converted into condos. We only have 2 units that are occupied by condo owners, the rest are vacant or occupied by rental residents. My issue is that an owner of a 2nd floor condo just moved in and has been very loud according to the 1st floor renter. Stomping around, music that can be heard clearly though the ceiling, etc. Also, there are supposed to be 2 occupants in the condo unit but there are closer to 4 or 5 (2x2 unit). According to AZ landlord tenant laws, if they were renters I could serve them a 10-day non-compliance but them being owners of the unit, what can I do for the 1st floor renter since their quiet enjoyment is clearly being sacraficed?

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    Default Re: CC&R's vs. Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws

    You would have to approach the issue under the rules governing condo owners. As you note, they are not tenants.

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