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    Default No Contact Order and Domestic Violence Charge in Ohio

    Hi, my name is Jacquelyn and I am from Ohio. On Friday, my boyfriend and I got into an argument that started out as something completely meaningless and now is a huge mess that I wish I could erase. I was working on something on my laptop and he was bugging me so I went into our bedroom and laid on the bed. He followed me and kept tickling me because he knows it annoys me (told you it's stupid - tickling!). Anyway, I pushed him away from me and supposedly I hit him in his upper ear where he has a new, very painful, piercing that is still healing. He then came back at me with punches on my arm and leg and I ran out of the apartment and drove off. He was in pain from his ear and didn't think to run after me, I suppose. I drove to a park nearby and made some phone calls to his grandparents (his grandpa used to be able to calm him down - after Friday it is apparent that he can't do that anymore). They came over, called me and said there was no answer (they went to the wrong apartment). I told them I would meet them at the apartments and told his grandmother which one to knock at the door. She called me & I met her back here and turns out she went to the wrong apartment, so I led her in the right directions.. She went upstairs, knocked, and once he found out what was going on (he didn't know they were coming) he came outside and tried to get in my car. As I was driving away he kicked a HUGE dent in my car.

    Anyway, called my mom as all this went down - she lives in MI, drove to Ohio and then basically left me no option but to call the police and file a report. I didn't want to file a report for him retaliating with physical abuse, so I called with intentions of just filing a report for the damage done to my vehicle. The cop then of course asked me if he hit me, and I told him yes - which opened up another can of worms.

    Sooo, when all this was going on, after I drove away and got out of the apartment complex, I called my friend Dave and told him to go to the apt. to get something of his from my boyfriend. He ended up leaving with Dave which was good, cool-off time for both of us. Dave met me here several hours later outside of the apt., dropped him off to my car, and I took him to the sheriff's station where he was later on arrested and taken to jail. The whole time he was with Dave I talked to him on dave's cell phone, on and off, and he said he was willing to go to jail if that is what it would take to get help, etc. etc.

    He can't call me because I have a cell and can't get collect calls on it, so he has contacted his grandparents. I was told there may be a no-contact order until this is all resolved. I do not want that. I don't want any restraining order, I don't want to press charges, I want to see my boyfriend and get things figured out and get both of us some help. This was all blown out of control. We both have bad tempers and we chose to let them get the best of us. I also have no marks on my body to really prove I was hit, but I was. I just want there to be NO orders that say we can't see each other until this is resolved, and if there is, how can I drop it??? I want to have all of this taken care of. If he has to go to anger management, fine, counseling, fine, probation, fine... but I do not want to press charges...
    does ANYONe have advice or input?

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    Default Re: OHIO No Contact Order/Domestic Dispute/Criminal Damage

    You can talk to the prosecutor about dropping the no contact order or charges. But the prosecutor will rightly view this as more than just the losing of temper - this was a battery, even if accidentally provoked, followed by destruction of property. This "bad temper" can be reasonably expected to trigger an escalating series of domestic violence incidents, as that's what usually happens.

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    Default Re: OHIO No Contact Order/Domestic Dispute/Criminal Damage

    Jacquelyn, let this be a wake up call for you to move on. In my lifetime I have had two dear friends who were married to men with "tempers" (among other issues), but both women chose to believe their men were harmless and just misunderstood. Sadly, they are both now in their graves at the hands of their "harmless" and "misunderstood" husbands. One of the men is still on death row, the other took his own life (murder-suicide) orphaning their two children.

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