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    Default Getting Title for a Travel Trailer Purchased Out-of-State

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Michigan/Ohio

    I am an Ohio resident who bought a brand new travel trailer in Michigan on 11/20/2015. I paid with a check (from my credit union) and cash. I signed a RD-108 form at the dealership which I believe is a request for a new title issued in my name. This is supposed to be sent to the Michigan Secretary of State, and according to Michigan MCL 257.217, the dealer has 15 days from delivery to submit paperwork with the SOS. I called the SOS and they have no record or paperwork for the vehicle at all. I've tried calling, emailing, etc. but I cannot reach anyone at the dealership: they are on "Christmas Shutdown" from 12/18/2015 thru 1/11/2016. I have a copy of the RD-108 and a copy of the Certificate of Origin, but I either need the original Certificate of Origin or an original Title (created from the RD-108 I believe?) in order to get an Ohio Title.

    I need the Ohio Title because: a) my credit union is breathing down my neck to supply them with the title, and b) I cannot get plates for my trailer until I have an Ohio title in my name.

    Any ideas on how to go about trying to obtain this info? I've contacted the manufacturer, but all they could give me was a copy of the Certificate of Origin. I've tried the Michigan SOS, but they haven't been very helpful the few times I have actually been able to talk with someone. The Ohio BMV is unable to help me as this was a transaction in Michigan and they would need either the original title or original certificate of origin.


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    Default Re: New Travel Trailer Title - Michigan Dealer to Ohio Resident

    I suspect MI SOS may have the paperwork but has either returned it to the dealer or is setting on it trying to figure out what to do with it. There was no reason to apply for a MI title if you are an Ohio resident. Either the documents should have been provided to you or sent directly to Ohio title folks.

    Sending it to MI SOS further complicates the issue since you will have to take your newly acquired MI title and immediately transfer it to an Ohio title.

    I think you are stuck waiting until the dealer is again available.

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