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    Default Re: What Can You Do if Somebody Prints a Photograph You Post Online

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    I do have the written copyright transferring them. I only contacted the photographer because I didn't know what to expect or do before I came here.

    I know because the said person posted a photo with the photo in it. I care because it is a picture of my child. An underage child at that. You can register copyrights for photos?

    Damages wise, I'm not sure if their are any. And is why I came here to find out if I had a case, or what to do.
    So is this a relative of the child? The other parent?

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    Default Re: What Can You Do if Somebody Prints a Photograph You Post Online

    Taxing Matters;934397]The holder of the copyright may not have any contract with Facebook
    I'll grant you it was not clear but the implication was that if there is no contract, it could not control the matter.
    Removing it or not from their FB page is not up to the infringed. It is based on the contract betwee Facebook and the owner of the copyrights.
    by taking half the statement, you made the statement you quoted a stand alone statement and made the intent of the sentence you quoted to be one independent of anything else. It was not intended to be such. The implication is the situation is between the rights owner and Facebook and any contract (that may be) present. Obviously if there is no contract, there is no contract to control the situation and it defaults to the laws in place.
    If the holder has a contract with Facebook that contract might address this sort of situation, but that's not a given. One would have to read that contract.

    if there is a contract it would be the terms of use and I believe it does address such situations. Want a link?

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