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    Default Making False Statements to a Probation Officer

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan.

    So without going into much detail here is what happened. I was given 80hour of community service. Along the way I have contacted and spoke with my PO letting her know I was having difficulty due to working over 50 hours as well as not having my license anymore. She has been helpful and gave me an extension. So when I went back to see her this last time, I really wanted to have everything ready so she could see I was trying. I did my community service at Salvation Army and a local place. The lady at Salvation Army didn't have my cover letter ready - my PO didn't seem to mind. However, my other place where I did work wrote me a cover letter but here is the catch. They wrote me a letter of completion based on the terms that I did 2 more days in January when they had more work to provide. Well the normal standard does not say a log of hours on this letter so in my eyes this would work bc I was having so many issues previously. Anyway, my probation officer is now asking for a log of those hours..which means that two dates would be listed AFTER the time I told her I was already completed. I have emailed and called her regarding this issues and asked for an extension until I complete those two days as I do not want anyone (except me) to receive punishment for the premature dates liste on the log. I even offered to do all of my hours over if needed, Is this something you are capable of working with us as probation officers? Or an absolutely not kind of thing. I understand that it is my issue and I took a chance but with my remaining 10 hours left I did not want to just lie and make up a slot, I was honest with her from the start.

    I hope this makes sense..

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    Default Re: Consequences of a Community Service Violation

    If you lied to your probation officer, you need to decide for yourself whether it's best to come clean or to hope that she doesn't figure out that you lied. Nobody here can promise you a good outcome, either way. You should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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