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    Default Should I reveal the policy limit to others?

    Last month, I rear-ended a SUV...I got the letter from my insurance company. The claim adjuster wanted to know if I would give permission for her to tell the SUV driver's lawyer what my liability policy limit is...According to the CA law, the insurance company needs my consent to reveal that info.

    I am thinking that I should NOT give permission to reveal my policy limit...Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Default Policy Limits

    The reason the other side wants to know the policy limits is probably so that they can figure out the parameters for settlement - most auto accident cases settle within the policy limits.

    If the case is not yet being litigated, such that the insurance company has not yet retained counsel to represent you, you may wish to discuss your concerns with a local civil defense lawyer. Otherwise, your defense attorney should be able to explain to you any reasons for and against disclosure at this point in the proceedings.

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