My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Alabama

My daughter is 3 years old. I have sole physical custody. She went to her fathers for visitation but now he won't bring her home. I went to go and get her, but he wouldn't even let me see her. I cannot call without his permission and only when he's off of work. I cannot call his wife to talk to my daughter. My concern is that her visitation was over many weeks ago and now he won't let me even see her.

I came here to bring her home or atleast to see her before christmas but he has denied me that and told me to go back to my home state and that i won't be able to see her. He says he has a lawyer. I went to the police station for an escort but even with my legal paperwork they stated that they couldn't go with me but that if he calls and complains that im on his property they will remove me. Then later I found out that the police informed him that I went to the police station and asked for help...

I'm running out of time. I have to return to my home state soon to go back to work so i don't lose my home and miss on my car payments... what can I do? I've never had anything illegal against me. I've always been a proactive mother. I'm scared and nervous.