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    Post Pregnant 15 year old Seeking Emancipation

    Hi I'm 15 turning 16 on thursday and I am 5 weeks pregnant. My borfriend is 21. We are in love with each other dearly despite the age.

    My mom liked him at first but now she dosent. I have had problems at home even before i met him. It makes him upset with my mom. She tells me to leave at times, and hate grew between us. I would leave but then she also says shes going to call the cops on my boyfriend and he would be charged with satuatory rape. I really dont want to happen.

    My boyfriend works fulltime and I go to school fulltime. I am not planning to drop out. My boyfriend supports himself and I and is willing to settle down and be a family when the child is born.

    I live in New York and I know there is no Law about Emancipation in New York. I looked up information about Emancipation and I seen that a minor can be emancipated if they were married. Then we had some ideas. We looked up marraige laws in all states, and in Geogia we found that a minor can get married with parent consent but if the bride is pregnant all I need is a letter from a Georgia licensed physician. We planned to drive down to Georgia and have everything done there.

    I need to know if I get married in Georgia and come back to new york and live with my boyfriend can he get in any trouble? Can my mom do anything about it? And will I be identified as emancipated in New York even though I got married in Georgia?

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    To marry you need parental consent other than marriage you donot meet any normal criteria for emancepation. Not to mention the trouble your BF could be in now as well.

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    As I think about this, I believe that after a politically embarrassing incident last year Georgia changed its law. That is, I believe you're seeing old information and that not even Georgia would currently permit marriage without parental approval.

    Found it:
    Quote Quoting Perdue signs bill seeking to plug marriage loophole
    Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed legislation Tuesday that closes a loophole in state law that allowed couples of any age to get married without parental consent in the case of a pregnancy.

    Prompted by the case of a pregnant woman who married a 15-year-old boy, the law bans teens under 16 from marrying and deletes language in the state code that allowed a minor to wed regardless of age or parental consent if there is a pregnancy.

    The bill allows 16- or 17-year-olds to marry, but only with the approval of a parent or guardian and the confirmation of a probate judge.

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