My question involves criminal law for the state of: AK

Long story short I went over to my bf's house to tell him if I was going to break up with him or stay with him. We have had an ongoing fight about some issues. I got to his house and I ended up blocking his door so he wouldn't throw me out of his house, as he did not want me there. His sister in the next room heard us struggling over the door and ended up breaking the lock open and saw me on the floor (since my back was at the door when she slammed it) and started accusing him of hurting me. I told her he was trying to throw me out and she got even more angry and started to hit him (this is sadly normal for her). He pushed her and she started to call the cops and accuse him of being abusive. That's when he broke it off with me because of her. I tried to stop both of them but I got angry and got my stuff and left.

I had driven a few blocks down and was there for awhile just all upset and angry and crying. They took text messages I send his sister that had me calling him things like a stupid attacker and how he shoved me from the door. The cops used now ex bf's phone to contact me threw and take a statement. This caught me off guard since if I knew it was the cops I would not have answered. At the time I was so angry that I exaggerated what he had done as I couldn't stop thinking of how out of character it was for him to get so upset. The cops didn't ask me about his sister or what she had done. I was too upset to clearly state she was the one attacking and they had only asked me about things he did. Later I found out she accused him of strangling her and beating me up. He also admitted to pushing her. She told the cops a long story of how he had beaten me up on a regular basis and how he should be thrown in jail. I confronted her later that it wasn't true and she ended up threatening to hurt me next or throw me in jail too.

I called back the cop to tell him exactly what happened and he said I was a liar. I even showed him the text message of his sister threatening me and he just ignored it. He said he would leave out everything about his sister and that I should get battered woman counseling. There were 0 marks on her or on me and there were bruises all over my ex from his sister hitting and kicking him that the cops didn't record because they were under his shirt. I just got a subpoena to court and I'm now really unsure what to do. I don't want to recant my statement and get in trouble because of the heat of the moment, but I'm scared if I tell the truth they will pin me a liar and convict him anyways.