My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Miami Florida

Good morning experts and thank you for any time and suggestions in this question.

I just found out I have a complaint against me. Its a complaint for interpleader.

Few years back I had a medical procedure in hospital and was and have been unable to pay that bill. I think My out of pocket expense was 7500, and I made payments for 6 months with what I could afford. The hospital sent the account to collections because my payments werent high enough so I stopped making payment and times and work got harder.

I am now disabled, unable to work, and I just received a letter from a mediator informing me of this complaint for interpleader against me. I was never served any papers, mailed anything for court, nothing. If I had not gotten the letter from mediator I would never have known about the complaint.

So what do I do and how would I respond? I dont want a judgement against me but I dont even makes ends meet now on my monthly check.