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    Angry Can You Sue UPS for Losing an Important Package

    I have a non-us foreign Passport stamped with an H1B visa valid until Jan 2018. I work in the tech field.

    I was getting a Canadian Visa and my passport was shipped on a pre-paid envelope from the Canadian embassy in Los-Angeles to me in Bay area, CA using UPS highest priority setting, next day air with early AM.
    According to UPS tracking, the package left the Canadian embassy Friday Dec 4 and reached the Oakland hub Sunday Dec 6 and was scheduled for Delivery on Monday Dec 7th early am (before 8:30). They failed to deliver on Monday and over the phone they told me expect it on Tuesday and then on Tuesday they said we don't know where the package is since it arrives at the Oakland facility. Here is what the UPS tracking shows:

    We're attempting to verify the package location. / Lost package investigation

    That is also what they told me over the phone.

    They asked me to contact the Canadian Embassy as they are the shipper and they should get involved as well.

    it is a hassle for me. Not only did I lose my conference plans and have to cancel everything, but now I almost lost my passport with my H1B visa and all identification information. I am required to nullify both visa and passport and contact the police.But I Can not do that before the investigation is over in 8 days as all of these actions are irreversible.

    My question:

    What is the legal liability of UPS in this situation. Can I sue them?

    The package was declared with document in it so no value was declared. I had my passport shipped to me form different embassies more than I can remember, I am almost out of white pages and I travel very often for work. I always use Fedex and have never had this problem. This is the first time to use UPS since for some odd reason the Canadian embassy doesn't accept Fedex airway bill as a pre-paid return envelope.


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    Default Re: Ups Declared My Package Containing My Passport Lost in Their Facility. Legal Acti

    UPS' contractual liability is $100 US for packages with no declared value:

    Here's the claim process:

    As for:

    "Can I sue them?"

    Sure. Anybody can sue anybody for anything.

    But you aren't going to win because there's a contractual limit to UPS' liability.

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