My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

A small, shady business (a cell phone retailer and repairer) took my money, $400, and never completed the repairs or delivered me a phone. I have tried many times to contact the owner or talk to the employees, and eventually I figured out they are all lying to me. I can almost never run into the owner and I realized that his employees are running cover for him and he is now deliberately avoiding me.

So I will sue in small claims. My main question is whether there's any difference in suing a small business compared to suing an individual. What concerns me is serving the business. If I have to serve the owner himself, it could take days of staking out the business or his home. He is very hard to find and in fact his employees are lying to me about his whereabouts. If I can just serve any employee of the business however, that will be easy.