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    Default Can a Landlord Keep the Deposit of a Short-Term Tenant Who Books Under False Pretense

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    I have a clause in my rental rules about guests intentionally using information to book my vacation rental home. I state that if any reservation is obtained under false pretense, such as booking under a false name or stolen identity, they will be subject to forfeiture of Reservation Fee and Rental Rate and TOT tax, and the Guest Party will not be permitted to check in.

    Do I even need to mention this? Is it not covered under common law? For example if the now famous Palm Springs Air BnB squatters were to show up at my place after they previously booked under different names, could I legally refuse to let them in (without such a clause)?

    If I don't need this clause then I'd rather take it out because I already have a ton of legal language. This clause might scare guests off.

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    Default Re: Guest Booking Under False Pretense

    Denying somebody tenancy is one thing; refusing to refund their money is something else entirely. You need to comply to the letter with all governing laws and ordinances.

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    Default Re: Guest Booking Under False Pretense

    OK. I can live without pocketing their rental rate (although that would be a blow during the summer season). Let's take just denying a guest to enter my house because they're not who they said they were (applying with a false identity). Under common law can I refuse to let them in even without this clause?

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