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    Lightbulb Boy and Girl Sharing a Bedroom

    My fiancee and I live together (in Michigan) and need to know if there is any law prohibiting my 9 year old daughter and his 5 year old son from sleeping in seperate beds (bunk beds) in the same room every other weekend (for a total of 4 nights a month). His ex is saying it is against the law and we cannot find any proof for or against this. Thank you for your help!

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    I do not believe there are any Michigan laws against this although if there is any form of financial aid being accepted, they may have rules to the contrary as well as an apartment complex or housing development may have rules against this. I have read of a few communities that have enacted such ordinances.

    While it may not be illegal, it could be used against your fiancée by his ex in court. If nothing else, for the harassment value but it could also be used as a point to limit visitation as it is not in the best interest for a male and a female to cohabit a common bedroom, especially since they are not related to each other. At some point, sexual interests will start (in general, not necessarily with each other) and the situation simply sets itself up as a problem in the making.

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    Default Re: michigan-boy and girl sharing a bedroom

    There's no law against it. This situation is usually driven by limited financial means, and I would not expect a court to view this arrangement of itself as a basis to limit or modify custody.

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    Wink Re: Boy and girl sharing a bedroom in Michigan

    WWhen I lived in Michigan ten years ago when my kids were little I had to rent a three bedroom apt because my daughter was six and the son five. Two of the same sex was ok for a two bedroom. If I owned my own home I could do what I wanted. This was way back in 1978 The laws may have changed.

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