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    Default Can You Sue a Jail for Injuries Caused by a Suicide Attempt

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Oregon
    After being booked into a county jail, I was patted down by a female office, than taken to what is referred to as the fish bowel, after a few hours pretrial seen me and their decision was that they would reevaluate me after arraignment. Within that hour I was removed from fish bowl dressed down and placed in a single cell. I was never seen by the nurse for an evaluation, no vitals were taken, no questions were asked ie... Are you suicidal? before court I was let out of my cell for dayroom, I called my attorney that didn't go well he hung up and call was never reconnected... I went into my cell took my sheet wrapped it around my neck tied it to a metal hand rail and attempted to strangle myself. I ended up chocking my self out for a few came back due to sheet loosening up and had to retie it. Deputy found me paramedic's were called I went to E.R, than transported back to lock down on suicide watch for 6 day's. Every day someone from mental health came to check on me and I was told I was put on the head doctors list and would be seen the fallowing day, the fallowing day arrived no shrink doc seen me that was TUES night on Wed the mental health guy came again I informed him I use to be on med's for Bipolar PTSD, boarder line paranoid ~cant spell the other word~ He said he would get me into talk with head doc tomorrow night when he came in. Never happened
    can I sue the jail for med expenses on grounds of negligence?

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    Default Re: Long Term Medical Issues After Attempted Suicide

    Why were you booked into the jail? If you weren't behaving irrationally, they would have no reason to suspect you were mentally ill/suicidal. Were you actually suicidal when you got to the jail or did it come on later? Why did you not take the initiative to tell someone you were having suicidal thoughts/urges?

    Depending on how long you were hanging there and the jail's policies regarding checking on inmates, there might be a policy violation or there might not.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue a Jail for Injuries Caused by a Suicide Attempt

    So far, you seem to be stating that you choked yourself, you didn't suffer any serious injury from choking yourself, but now you want to sue because you are being treated for your pre-existing mental illness.

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