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    Default Employer Revoked H1B Employee's I-140 After the Employee Got a Different Job

    If I got I-140 approved from Employer A and lets say I applied for my wife's H4 EAD based on this approved I-140 and it got approved. Then I moved to Employer B. Then Employer A revoked 140. What happens to the already approved H4 EAD? I understand that the H-4 EAD will remain valid as long as I maintain a valid H-1B status. But what happens if my Employer A revokes my I-140 after I switch to Employer B?I am very sure my current Employer A will revoke my I-140 AS SOON AS I switch to Employer B.

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    Default Re: I-140 Revoked by Employer-a After Switching to Employer-B

    Your employer is REQUIRED to report you no longer work for him and have the status revoked. Hour wife's H-4 is similarly invalid as a result. You can't "transfer" H1B. Your new employer can start over (though some steps don't need to be repeated in this case) to get a new H-1B for you.

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    Default Re: I-140 Revoked by Employer-a After Switching to Employer-B

    Thanks for your response. This means my wife will have to quit her job as a result of me switching to Employer B, correct? In that case, I will have to wait a minimum of 6-7 months to get my NEW PERM and I-140 approved through Employer B so that my wife can start working on the H4 EAD filed through the NEW I-140 filed through Employer B, correct?

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