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I have gotten two voicemails in two days from a detective that wants to speak to the owner of the (my) phone in reference to "terroristic threats." He is working the case, and made it clear on the second message that it was a felony. I never threatened anyone's life or anything that would cause legitimate panic. I was just basically annoying.
There's lots of ways what you said might get twisted against you. Just because YOU only thought it "basically annoying" doesn't mean that the victim or police or the prosecutor will feel the same way.

Anyways I never answered those calls. He hasn't mentioned anything else, he has my real number. But I don't think he knows who I am yet, nobody has shown up at the doorstep.
It takes time to work cases. For subpoenas to be served to the phone company. For any recordings to be transcribed, etc. Police work doesn't occur in 45 minutes like on TV. Even for easy cases, things take time. If there are potential felonies against you, time limits are generally measured in YEARS that they have to bring charges. Don't hold your breath.

I am wondering if he will drop the case if I don't respond at all.
They either have what they need to bring a case, or they don't. No, a suspect not responding doesn't make cases go away.

I am willing to destroy my phone and claim that it was stolen a month ago (it really was, but I got it back), and suggest somebody else has it.
You realize you're posting about that in a public place, right? And that police actually DO know how to Google, right? And that this website can also be subopena'd to turn over records related to this posting, right? Really think it's a good idea to openly be discussing intentions to destroy evidence and lie? How do you think police will view that?

I don't know how serious this is...
Well, for starters, felonies are a level of crime where penalties are served in terms of YEARS in a penetentary, rather than in terms of months in a county jail. There's a really BIG difference. Felonies are bad.

don't know if he has any recordings of the calls..
Gives it that fun edge of mystery, doesn't it?

will he go to the trouble of acquiring my phone records?
That would be among the first things I'd shoot for.

How persistent do investigators pursue these cases?
Depends on the investigator.

Any advice would be grand, I've just become very discomforted over this the past two days...
#1 stop posting about your potential criminal activity online

#2 look up the names of some local criminal defense attorneys

#3 if you are arrested, call a number from #2 above

#4 grow up and stop doing stupid shit that might land you on police radar