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    Default Can You Sue a Business for Being Rude to You

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: I have posted information of what happen to me.
    I walked into the store and neither of your employees greeted me. Both employees were talking about their personal lives, buying Sprint drinks; and what their going to do and not do. I stood at the first counter for 5 minutes without being assisted. Finally when one decided to assist me; she address me as “boo-boo” and “girlfriend”. This employee description was a Section Removed I informed the employee to not address me as “boo-boo” or “girlfriend”. She became angry at me and informed me that she address her customer(s) as “boo-boo” and “girlfriend”. She continued to address me in this unprofessional manner; even after asking her not to. I asked for 12 Black n Milds (singles). As I’m asking for these products; she started pacing back and forth . Her body language showed that she was highly upset with me. She informed me she could sell me 6 and I said fine. She continued to address me in an unprofessional manner. Out of nowhere; she calls me a "B word" informed me "to not get her started and that I do not want any because I do not know her".
    I stayed at easy thinking it would relax her; but she was wrathful. The other employee listen and watch as I was being verbally abused by her coworker. The second worker came over; to assist me. I asked who is the manager because I would like to make a complaint. This employee description was a Section Removed , thin and dark brown hair. She informed me she was the manager. I asked why would you allow her to disrespect customer(s). The Section Removed throws the products of black n mild's towards the cash register where the Section Removed was standing and said “ "B word" you and you can leave”. I asked; why is she throwing things?
    Section Removed informed me I would be banned. I asked again could I get the information for the store manager and was refused this information. The Section Removed said “ bitch it’s not that serious and you know what you're banned. Now get out of the "F word" store "B word". I informed theSection Removed I’m fined with being banned from the store after that instance I had no need to ever step within the store. Section Removed I informed the Section Removed they should not be working there with such negative behavior towards customer and no respect for people. The Section Removed informed that “you could not get me fired if you was the last bad-est bitch".
    I informed them I would call the police and I did.
    As I’m waiting for the police to arrive; both employees come out outside for a smoke break and continue to disrespect me and call me "B word" while standing in front of their working location. The Section Removed yelled “ I wish you would call the police”. I did not respond to them. Local security officer went over to talk to them and as their talking to him; they’re still referring to me in a disgraceful tone. I filed a complaint with Police Department regarding this verbal abuse. I have been informed Section Removed first step in resolving this lamentable issue.
    To be frank; it’s hard for me to believe this is their first time disrespecting customers. I have been in the store before and have overheard both females disrespecting customers and using profanity while customers are in the store. I’m truly shocked if no one ever complained. However, I do believe because your store is located in a low income area; people tend to think: this group doesn’t matter. This type of behavior is not acceptable; no apology could replace what I have endured with your company. While I do not know you personally; I do know whoever hired them has a bad judge of character. These two employees should not be in the customer service field. As I stated early I’m taking the first step to try to resolve this issue; Section Removed .

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    Default Re: Sue Local Business for Harassment

    What is the point of your post? You don’t ask any questions and you do not mention the state in which this occurred, so I am at a loss as to what your goal is here.

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    Default Re: Sue Local Business for Harassment

    This isn't a police matter. Neither is it a law suit. This is really simple. If you don't like the way the employees at a retail establishment treat you, then you stop shopping there.

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