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    Default Delay in Treatment of a Detached Retina

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: North Carolina

    I had a retina to detach in May of this year. Having never heard of this occurring before, I was unaware that they attachment surgery was considered an emergency procedure.

    Upon my first visit to the doctor(Friday), I could read the two largest lines on an eye exam. They doctor advised that my retina had detached and performed the procedure where they place a gas bubble in your eye and told me to come back the next day and he would laser it back on. But the following day(Saturday) when I went back, he said that we would need to wait until Thursday to do the laser attachment.

    On the Tuesday, I called their office saying that I was starting to see what appeared to be a large stringy looking object moving in my eye. The nurse placed me on hold and told me that the doctor said he would look at it during the Thursday appointment.

    At the Thursday appointment, the doctor advised that the retina had worsened and scar tissue had started to develop(this was the object that I was seeing). So he said that he couldn't laser on the retina and we needed surgery. This was arranged for a full week away on the next Thursday.

    They surgery was performed almost 2 weeks after my initial visit. On the follow-up visit the day after surgery, the doctor advised that he had a hard time re-attaching the retina because it had torn in half and the amount of scar tissue that had grown. He said that the retina did not want to stay up against the back on my eye.

    My exams after surgery have not been great. I now have total vision loss in the bottom half on eye and can only see light and slight movement of large objects out of the top of my eye. Now when they perform the eye exam, I cannot read any lines on the exam with the left eye where I could at least see 2 lines on the initial visit.

    After doing some research online, I now know that the sooner the surgery is done, the less chance of vision loss there is.

    It's been about 5 month and I did have another doctor. He advised that the reason that I cannot see out of the bottom portion of my eye is that surgeon cut the bottom part of my retina off and that I will never regain that vision.

    Any advise or referrals would be most appreciated!

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    Default Re: Retina Detachment - Delay in Treatment

    this is not a referral service.

    You can contact the NC state bar for a referral.

    NC Bar Association

    there are other sources as well.

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