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    Post Can You Sue Somebody for Calling You Unstable

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Florida

    I have been diagnosed as being bipolar. Recently a condominium board member (whom I consider contentious and who has been responsible for violating the Condominium Laws of the State of Florida) has sent several emails to other board members referring to me as being "unstable". To the best of my knowledge this individual is not cognizant of my diagnosis. Considering my diagnosis, would I have a viable libel lawsuit? I also believe, but as yet can not prove, that this individual is also making these claims orally about me, i.e., slandering me. My real concern is that, if this individual continues to make this statement about me, people in our condominium will not vote for me when I run for our association's board of directors.

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    Default Re: Accusation of Instability

    Unfortunately defamation suits are inherently costly in terms of both time and money and there is never a guarantee that you'll collect.

    Even if that wasn't the case though, "unstable" is typically stated as an opinion rather than a fact and would rarely (if ever) support a defamation suit.

    Sorry, but I see no recourse here.

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    My spouse refers to me as Bat Shit Crazy sometimes. It is an opinion. If you read the Constitution, you have a right to one.

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    And, if you're talking about Chapter718 Florida Statues, it would be a BOARD who violates the Condiminium act, NOT an individual.

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