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    Default How Will an Arrest Warrant Affect Entry on a Visa

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Arizona

    How would an arrest warrant for unpaid traffic tickets affect me when trying to re-enter the country? I plan on renouncing my U.S. citizenship and I've entered and exited the country several times since not paying and not showing up for court nearly two years ago. If the judge for whatever reason decides to issue a warrant for my arrest (I'm not sure if they can at this point), how will I be affected as a U.S. citizen (and eventually a non-U.S. citizen) when trying to re-enter the country?

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    Default Re: How Would an Arrest Warrant for Unpaid Traffic Tickets Affect Me when

    They can issue warrants at any time. You don't get any credit for running out on your obligations or being a fugitive from court appearance. It matters not if you are a citizen or not. If you're here, you expected to obey the laws and are subject to the resultant prosecution.

    You can always be arrested at any time when there is a warrant out. Traffic warrants likely aren't going to be noticed outside the state that they are issued however.

    The issue WILL come up if you apply for naturalization.

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