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    Default Lawyer is Asking the Defendant's Family to Pay Expert Witness Costs


    Is it the norm for a PD's PI to request money from a family member to hire a forensics expert?

    Is it the norm for the PD to request family members to cover cost of witnesses travel expenses?

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    Default Re: Pd/Pi

    I assume that you mean public defender when you use the abbreviation PD rather than police department. Whether it is normal would depend on the particular PDs office and the circumstances. If the PDs office is tight on funds, it may indeed be normal in some situations to seek payment by the defendant or his family to pay for certain costs of the defense. PDs are not always totally free, after all.

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    Default Re: Pd/Pi

    If funds are not available in the public defender's budget, or if we're actually talking about a court-appointed private lawyer, it should be possible to petition the court for funds. But if the court says "no", then there may be no alternative but to try to find funds for an expert from other sources. Interlocutory appeals are a long-shot, and there's nothing even close to a guarantee that an appellate court would find that the judge erred if the defendant appealed after conviction.

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