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    Default Landlords Changed Their Mind About Renting Due to a Yelp Review

    My question involves business law in the state of: California

    I was dealing with a company called Alliance Property management in Yorba Linda handling a Townhome for lease in Lakewood, ca. Took 5 days to be approved then they wanted holding deposit of $1,000 within 24 hours and it was non refundable. We met owners twice and they approved us, shook our hands and said lease would be ready Monday. I did yelp review, nothing nasty or names about the way things went. I get call from property manager yelling at me Tuesday of this week instead of replying on yelp. By Thursday the vice president Suzy said both the property management and owner changed mind and would not lease it to us and are refunding are money. We were promised lease on Monday on verbal agreement by owner. We have sold home and have to be out by 4th of Nov.we stopped looking. What recourse do we have?

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    Default Re: Landlords Changed Their Mind About Renting Due to a Yelp Review

    Although I cannot see the documents involved in your transaction from where I'm sitting, odds are you agreed that the lease would not be valid until it was signed. If you want to share the relevant language, we can discuss your possible remedies -- but even if we assume that you had a binding oral lease, should you file a lawsuit to try to enforce it you can expect that it will be months before your case is resolved.

    Next time you want to criticize a potential landlord on Yelp, consider waiting until after the contract is signed.

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    Default Re: Landlords Changed Their Mind About Renting Due to a Yelp Review

    There is no practical recourse ..if the deal,was to be a written lease then either side was free not to,go,forward to execute a written lease and absent same there was no meeting of the minds ....and there never seemed to be intent to execute an oral lease .

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