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    Unhappy Can Your Employer Suspend You Without Showing You the Policy You Allegedly Violated

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of NC: I have been suspended from my job of 10 years pending an investigation of which i was shown no policy stating that i did something wrong. I have been suspended for about 2 months now and not able to get unemployment do to the fact that in still connected to the company. I've called multiple people going up the corpret latter and i just get a run around.. It can't be legal to have faithfully worked for a company for 10 years and they suspend me without showing me what policy I've broken and have me in limbo with no way to pay my bills.. can someone please advise me i live in Jacksonville NC thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Is It Legal

    You filed an unemployment claim and it was denied?

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    Default Re: Is It Legal

    To answer your subject heading question, Yes. An employer may suspend you without showing you the policy you allegedly violated.

    To answer your implied questions, they may legally suspend you for as long as they feel it necessary, including indefinitely and including forever.

    There is no requirement that you have been officially separated from the company before you can collect unemployment. It is unclear from your post whether you applied and were turned down (in which case you will need to tell us what reason the UI office gave you before we can comment, and in which case you can appeal the decision) or whether you assumed you could not collect and did not apply (in which case you should apply immediately).

    But nothing you have posted so far suggests any illegal actions on the part of the employer.

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    Yes, still being connected to the company has NOTHING to do with whether or not you qualify for unemployment. Any week you are off work without pay you are eligible to file for and may be qualified to receive benefits for unemployment insurance. Whether you have been fired, or work is short or whatever the reason. A week without pay is a week you can file unemployment for and the employer has to be liable for. Else the employer would just put everybody on indefinite suspension without firing them and no unemployment insurance would ever have to be paid.

    But yes, they can most certainly put you on suspension without telling you why or showing you exactly which policy you are supposed to have violated. when you file for unemployment they will either call you back to work or they will respond to the agency with the reason that they are putting you on suspension, and either way, you're going to have more information at this point. When you file the claim, you just tell them exactly what you were told when you were put on this "leave of absence." Not necessary that you have the chapter and verse of what you have supposedly violated or done.

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