Hello, let me first by saying I know what I did was stupid. It was. I got in over my head and now I have no choice but to fix it.
Im scared. I know that intentionally lying on credit card applications is Fraud, and can be prosecuted for and ruin the rest of my life becuase it is a felony charge.
I have credit cards all with the same bank, I am not longer able to pay. About 3,000 dollars worth of debt, on the cards I can no longer continue to pay. Im scared becuase I have no choice but to default on them.

I am 20yrs old and working at a call center. I make about 24,000 a year but put down 40,000 on the applications.

I do not have any criminal record, ZERO.

What do you think the odds are of me being prosecuted, and being convicted and sentenced to jail time for fraud?

Would it be less likely to be prosecuted if the debt was sold to a debt buyer?