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    Default Primary vs. Secondary Coverage for Travel Health Insurance

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: CT

    My question involves health insurance for a short trip to the US (I'm going to CT).

    I'm a US citizen living in Qatar. I have AXA health insurance. This is accepted for direct billing for all hospitals in Qatar. The insurance actually provides me with worldwide coverage, up to a certain amount, but outside of Qatar I have to pay out of pocket and claim reimbursement later.

    I'm about to go on a short trip to the US (to CT). I want to buy health insurance just in case because health care in the US can be extremely expensive. My AXA insurance limit may not be enough in case of an emergency and besides, I would have to pay out of pocket initially.

    I found a good travel health insurance package. Everything looks good, except that it says: "Coverage under" this plan "is secondary to any other coverage".

    So my question is: In the US, would my AXA plan from Qatar be considered my primary insurance and my travel plan the secondary? What if I go a hospital that is in-network and does direct billing with the travel plan?

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    Default Re: Health Insurance for Travel to Usa: Primary vs Secondary

    Yes, your AXA plan would be primary regardless of whether you went to an in-network hospital or not. Which policy is primary is determined within the policy definitions, not by whether the hospital or doctor is in network.

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