My question involves criminal law for the state of: AZ

An acquaintance of mine is having a party at his condo.

Nearing the end of the party, I notice a man and his girlfriend clearly fighting (verbally). (keep in mind this verbal fighting is happening outside of the apartment, near the hall where there are cameras). The girl is crying and yelling that "her father is coming" to get her. I assume that the girl is feeling threatened by this man, at which point I approach her to ask if everything is okay.

The man immediately gets in my face and starts yelling "do you know who I am" and he pulls out a business card and shoves it in my face. I tell him that I am not speaking to him and I am just trying to make sure if the girl is okay.

I get aggravated at this point, because the man is getting in my face and he shoved a card right in my face hitting me with it. I do not retaliate, instead I go inside my friends room to tell him what happened. At this point, there are about 10 of my friends who are wondering what is happening. One of my friends is telling this guy to leave the party and he is not welcome there anymore. At this point, I do not see what happens, only the version of what all my friends tell me, but this man swings on my friend (my friend is also a minor, he is 17 and the man was well in his 20s)...

My friend ducks, the man misses and nails his girlfriend in the face. At this point he is taken down to the ground, by 2-3 of my friends, as he continues to fight and choke my friend on top of him I hit the man to stop him from choking my friend. Security guards come up within minutes and everything is cleared up without the police, etc.

My question is this, should me and my friend (who is a minor) pursue criminal charges? Or, do you people believe it is mutual battery on both sides and this case should probably just be dropped and ended where it all happened.

However, in the case that he feels like he wants to pursue them against us is he justified? There were cameras there, and they would probably have clearly captured the man hitting his girlfriend and the whole ordeal. Any thoughts on the matter?