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    Angry The Seller Lied to Us

    My husband and I bought a house in NJ late summer and moved in Nov 06.
    All the items that the home inspection said needed to be done were agreed upon
    and sellers' atty submitted papers claiming all was done.
    The sellers moved out of state, and we are finding that the paperwork is fake.
    Our atty said we would have to file fraud claim and may still not regain money
    we paid out to bring items up to code.
    Our home inspector came out and looked and said work was never done. The electrical panel (in garage) was taped and "hotwired" so when you turned on the light, we had power failures in other parts of the house.
    The plumbing was not addressed, leaks were still there, fireplace was not fixed. Nothing was done.
    Short of a large financial burden for us going to court, is there a way we can recoup some of the expenses we have already put out.
    We have agreement signed by their atty stating they would complete this work. Now the atty said it is our problems since we didn't check before we moved in (came from MI to NJ-no time for us to check since they were still in the house on day of closing).

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    Default Re: The seller lied to us

    You can sue them. You can try filing a police report, but the police will probably tell you that it's a "civil matter".

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    Default Re: The seller lied to us

    Hello I am an new member but am a old guy and have
    been taken like this before. Here is what I have done
    with great success.

    1. File a fraud Police report with local Police Dept
    2. File a complaint against contractor owner
    and attorney involved with your Attorney Generals
    3.***** With all reports filed get 2 estimates from
    LICENSED LOCAL Contractors and submit your damages
    in the Police Report and also with the State Attorney
    General Office. Also enclose your Police Report
    to the State AGs office ie in your complaint.

    NOW send your Attorney Generals Complaint to
    all parties involved in doing this THE SELLER

    Now if your damage is above the limit that puts this
    into the Felony Catagory and not a misdeameanor
    (sorry I cannot spell)

    Then this attorney that said TUFF LUCK has got
    a few issues to deal with.

    I did this in another state and was I SURPRISED when
    the State AG's Office went after these FRAUDsters.

    You may have to testify in court because the Local
    City Attorney handling Felonys will subpeona you.

    I just got thru doing the above and let me tell you
    the State AGs office really went after these folks
    and they of course foot the BILL!!!!

    This is just my opinion and what I did in my case
    I hope it may work for you!!


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