I have questions about workmans comp and FMLA. I injured my back in September of 2004. In October 2004 they diagnosed my back pain as a herniated disc, so I was taken out of work till December 2004. 2-3 months after I returned to work on light duty I got a letter from the HR dept. of my company stating that I owed back pay for copayments(medical,dental,etc...). I paid it but I am now wondering if what they did was right and legal since I never had a clue till the paper I got. Heres another question Ive been seeing the same doctor since October 2004 till present, and at first I was told Id be back to normal in no time. Now I keep getting told I need to find another job in a field that dont have alot of lifting, but when I asked the doctor to write it down so I can show my work and workmans comp he wont. Is there a reason why he wont write it down but continue to say this. So heres the next question: June 2005 I fell at work while on light duty for my back and tore a ligament in my ankle. So im off of work again and I just got a letter from the HR dept. stating that im on FMLA and that its expiring. I never received notification that they put me on. According to the paper my back injury was also used on FMLA while I was on workmans comp. I never had any idea I was on FMLA nor did I agree to be on it. CAN ANYONE INFORM ME ON WHAT TO DO