Before I start I'd just like to mention that this site/forum is greatly informative and I am very glad I found it.

I suffered a back injury in march of 2003 and my employer's insurance covered all of my care, surgery and perscriptions, so no problem there.
After the surgery I went through physical therapy and my normal appointments to the surgeon and all was fine and I felt better. Ever since I went to be evaluated to go back to work my back has hurt almost daily to the degree that I am unable to be on my feet for longer than 20-30 minutes without severe pain and I am basically hunched over to the right side anytime I am standing. I now have sharp shooting pains down both legs again and am basically experiencing the exact same issues that I had after initially injuring my back.

I am wondering what actions I can take if any to have this covered under the old employers workman's comp benefits and if it is still possible to file suit for my seemingly permanent injuries.

I live in Mississippi and the injury occured while employed here. Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.