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    Default Motion to Revoke Community Supervision

    My question involves child support in the State of: Texas

    In April of this year,I was placed on community supervision for non-payment of child support.

    Just this week, my ex has had her attorney file a motion to remove the community supervision based on the basis of me not paying the unpaid medical expenses. I am paying every single penny of childs upport that I am ordered to do but I financially cannot afford the unpaid medical expenses that insurance does not cover.

    What is going to happen when I go to this hearing?

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    Default Re: Motion to Revoke Community Supervision

    (OP's other thread is absolutely relevant: )

    Dad, is there actually a valid reason why you're not paying as ordered? I understand you're paying the child support itself - but that's not the only thing you were ordered to pay.

    Here's the kicker. You need an attorney - because in the eyes of the judge, you've already clearly shown the court that you don't give a toss about court orders - but then again if you can afford an attorney you can afford to pay off some of what Mom is demanding.

    I take it Mom and her attorney are asking for a custodial sentence this time?

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