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    Default Improper Attempt at Repossession by a Bail Bonding Agency

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Michigan
    Two years ago I was convinced to use my vehicle title as collateral with a bail bond company in order to get a family member out of jail. All of the payments were made but in November of 2013 the company sent an invoice stating I still owed $200. I called the company and sent proof from my bank that they had indeed received the check and cashed it so a new invoice was sent stating my balance was $0 and I believed that to be the end of the issue.

    Two days ago, at 1 am, I awoke to 2 men banging on my door and yelling my name...please tell me who would answer the door at such an hour with that happening. When I didn't answer the door they found a way to access my vehicle and proceeded to honk my horn over and over. After they awoke everyone in the house I answered the door where the two men proceeded to inform me that they were there to repossess my vehicle because I owed the sum of $11,000 to this bail bond company. I told them I don't owe anything and I could prove it so they needed to get off my property. The one man walked to the road to call the police and the other stood by my vehicle, holding the door shut so that I couldn't get in to retrieve my wallet and they wouldn't show me the documentation so I could look at a date in order to find a month to look for my documentation...I had to search through 2 years of e mail to find it.

    To make a long story short, it took 45 minutes and the officer showing me the invoice almost 30 minutes later so I could get an idea of where to look in my email for the invoice, to prove that I didn't owe the company any money and they had no reason to be there. In the mean time, the repo people caused such a scene that my neighbors were outside watching and the company wants to send me a gift certificate for my favorite restaurant in order to apologize. They tried to tell me the following day that there was a mix up based on the person being bonded out, because someone else used their title recently to bond him out and her vehicle was totaled and impounded recently in a DUI accident...but when the officer showed the invoice to me it said there was still and unpaid balance of $200 and a $39 late fee every month for the past 2 years in the amount of $11,000.

    My question would be is there any type of legal action I can take with this company for what has happened to my family over this paid in full debt from 2 years ago. I'm not looking for money, I just don't imagine I'm the first person they have done this to but I would like to be the last...any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Unlawful Attempt at Repossion of a Vehicle in Michigan

    For one thing there is no money to get even if you wanted money because you haven't suffered any monetary loss.

    And with no monetary loss you have nothing to sue for.

    I suggest you take the gift certificate.

    Sure, it was a bad experience, but you need to get over it.

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