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    Default How to Get Reimbursement for Expenses Paid for an Estate

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: New York

    I have checks for the estate account and it's been clear to me that I can use those to pay for estate expenses.
    As administrator I have paid out my own personal money in some cases. Mostly I've done this out of convenience, by using my own personal credit/bank card, instead of using estate checks, to pay for things like car parts to fix the estate's car before selling. So writing myself a check to get reimbursed is fine, right? Likewise, transferring money directly from the estate account to my own, if it's for reimbursement, is fine, right?

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    Default Re: Moving Money to Earn More Interest

    Better to pay directly from the estate account - fewer questions may arise.

    But reimbursing yourself from the estate account is OK. Just keep good documentation showing that you initially paid.

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