I used to work for a graphic design company a while back doing graphic design and helping the owner renovate his building. He never did me wrong until recent. He always tried to force me to try and sell and cold call even though that was not my area of profession. I was strictly just a design savvy college student with lots of ideas. One idea I he had really liked and he started to incorporate it into his marketplace but failed to have the infrastructure to back it. So now

Business got slow so he put me on as a subcontractor to save on employee expenses and now I don't ever hear from him or get any work sent to me. What I am wondering is if could I patent this idea and market it to a company of a larger size for profit. To my knowledge he is not even using the idea as he stated he wanted to, as it has been removed from his company website.

My idea is a whole different way to go about business by utilizing the internet to make relations between the business and customers almost as intimate as a one on one conversation; no matter where both parties are in the world. However, I don't want to go into further detail until I am sure the idea is safe to announce.