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    Default Liability with no police report or claim filed

    I rear-ended another vehicle at a red light the other night. We agreed to exhange information but not file any insurance claims or call the police. A policeman, however, was nearby (but not a witness) and came over to ask if we wanted to make a statement. The man driving the other vehicle (the one I rear-ended) declined to make a statement, so the policeman left.

    There were no injuries and the only visible damage was that the tape/rubber part of the man's bumper had popped out an inch. He said it just needed to be popped back in but he would take it in to his car guy to check. We then exchanged information and he had me sign a paper stating that I rear-ended him. He said he wanted to make sure he is not at fault.

    I am worried that he will get his car all fixed up (beyond the minor bumper damage) and hand me the bill. An aside: I was driving a little mazda and hit a cadillac because i took my foot off the gas and rolled into him from 4 feet away, so I don't see how there could be much damage

    Would I be liable/responsible for his repairs?

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    Default Re: Liability with no police report or claim filed

    You caused the accident, so if his car was damaged (with some variation under state law) he could seek to recover from yo ufor the damages.

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    Default Re: Liability with no police report or claim filed

    I have seen a little accident such as yours result in around $150,000 in damages. Not everything is as it seems.

    Let me add one caveat that would make a great difference in your liablility.

    In some states, you may have no liability due to no-fault insurance laws. It is a very state dependent situation. Since you did not include the germane state, I can only give general advice. The following would be applicable in an at fault state.

    You are responsible for the acctual damages you caused and nothing more. If the other person tries to claim damages greater than you observed, your only thing to do is sontest the charges and if need be, argue that in court.
    Have you notified your insurance company of the accident?

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