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    Default Restraining Order Violation Proceeding After Threats on Social Media

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Mass.

    My 17 yr old son had a restraining order placed on him. someone reported that he posted something on a social network.
    The police came with search warrent and took his computer and phone.

    Lawyer called and said that the police found something and my son has to appear in court for violating restraining order. Not sure what it is, and he doesnt know either.

    So, here are my question.

    He will be appearing in juvenile court. What could happen? Could they arrest him? He really is a good kid, his GF broke up with him and he threatened her on social media. I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. Kids have no filter and write any ol thing.

    I do worry for him, as he is not a 'trouble maker' doesn't do drugs, smoke or drink, he actually doesnt much at all.

    He just likes to be home. How serious are these social media, text, threats for kids?

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    Default Re: Broke Restrainging Order. I Think

    Step #1 he gets criminal defends counsel with a track record of dealing with junenile matters ....

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