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    Default Scorned Ex Posts Damaging Lies Online

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Florida,
    My scorned ex posted lies about me online. She mentioned me by first and last name as well as the town I reside in. She accused me of being a narcissistic deadbeat dad and a drug addict. It is possible that employers saw this post when googling my name and it may have cost me employment. Can I sue her?
    Did she break any laws, since my minor child may have read the post?
    What is my recourse?

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    Default Re: Scorned Ex Posts Damaging Lies Online

    "narcissistic deadbeat dad" won't meet the definition of defamation as a rule.

    "drug addict" - well, it could be passed off as hyperbole, but even if it wasn't a defamation suit is going to cost you a lot. Think 3 years (if quick) and upwards of $10,000 (if cheap).

    Without proven damages you don't have much to begin with, but perhaps knowing your eventual goal might help.

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