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    Default How To Stop Workplace Defamation

    I am a 13-year employee of a large corporation with excellent evaluations each year. I have never experienced what I am about to detail.

    Our department has brought on a new hire and within days this new hire has caused complete turmoil in our small division with blatant lies about other employees. Our immediate supervisor is aware of this situation and says we have to give this new employee the "benefit of the doubt." Such a response seems ludicrous to me and our department morale is plummeting because of this new person.

    When coming into work the other day, my peer told me this new employee said that while I was alone with her in the office, I physically spun her around in her chair in a hostile manner and proceeded to verbally reprimand her over a small task I felt she did not handle well. This is a complete lie and I immediately brought this to the attention of my supervisor as well as the department manager. The incident is being investigated.

    As of tonight, my co-worker of 10 years has been informed by other employees that this new hire is now saying things about her that are false and I have learned of new information being said about me which is also a lie.

    Our question is -- we are scheduled to work alone with and help train this new employee in a very small office for 12 hours within the week. Neither of us feel comfortable in this situation given the blatant lies and dishonesty of this new person. There will certainly be a moment when one of us must be alone with this person.

    I am extremely uncomfortable and have voiced this to my supervisor who is treating my concerns lightly and with little respect.

    Is this a hostile working environment, or at the least, defamation in the workplace? Is a temporary restraining order in the workplace possible if my employer or supervisor can't (or won't) control this situation?

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    Default Re: Workplace Defamation (TRO? Lawsuit?)

    A TRO wouldn't fly. If your supervisor isn't dealing with the situation, take your complaints -- amd documentation -- to the HR office.

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    Default Re: Workplace Defamation (TRO? Lawsuit?)

    The term, hostile work environment, has a very specific meaning under the law and what you have posted does not meet it.

    It is also not defamation unless you have suffered damages as a result of these statements, which does not appear to be the case yet.

    I agree that HR is your best line of defense right now.

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    Default Re: Workplace Defamation (TRO? Lawsuit?)

    Thank you for your responses. Several coworkers have agreed that if this is not handled on the level we're at now, HR will be paid a visit by us as a group.

    Thanks again.

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