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    Question Service Department Wants Customer to Pay for a Part from a Canceled Repair

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: South Carolina
    My car broke down when I was out of town. My ins paid for the towing to local dealership. I was told the part the car needed was on back order and no other dealers had one available. The General Manager told me the car was not worth anything to him (as far as buying) and suggested that I donate to a charity. Manager called the next morning to say that he was 80% sure he could get the part. I told him no I had already contacted a charity and did not want to repair the car.

    One week later I get a phone call from the Service Dept telling me the part was in. I told him that I never agreed to fix the car or order the part. They want me to pay $200 for the cost of the part. Am I liable for the cost of this part? Thank you for responding with information.

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