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    Default Holding Title on a Trade-In Until Dealer Addresses Problems With Purchased Vehicle

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: nebraska,
    So I recently purchased a used truck from a dealership, I traded in my 2013 Malibu for the truck. My car still had a lien on it, So the dealership paid off my lien. Here's the interesting part, the lien holder sent the state of Nebraska the title and the state just gave me the title for the 2012 Malibu. Here's my predicament, the dealership I bought the truck from refuses to return my calls because the truck had an issue literally ten minutes after we drove it off the lot. I got it fixed, it wasn't a lot of money but 172$$ isn't exactly pennies. The Nebraska county treasurer told me not to give them the title till they pay for the bill and that technically since I have possession that the vehicle is mine and that basically I have the dealer by the "you no what". I'm not trying to be a dishonest person I just feel this dealership should pay for the bill. I was told by the dealer I took it too that they would have definitely known the truck had the issue because it was bring up codes. What are my legal options and obligations? And then yesterday I recieved an envelope from dealership asking for power of attorney to get title.

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    Default Re: Holding Title on a Trade-In Until Dealer Addresses Problems With Purchased Vehicl

    You either obtained a warranty on the vehicle you purchased, or you purchased it as-is. If you obtained a warranty, it either covered the problem you encountered with your truck or the problem did not fall under the warranty. Please clarify the facts.

    The county treasurer should not be giving you what I guess is supposed to pass for legal advice. You sold your vehicle to the dealership, and they're entitled to title -- just as you're entitled to warranty repairs if in fact you obtained a warranty that covers the problem with the car.

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    Default Re: Holding Title on a Trade-In Until Dealer Addresses Problems With Purchased Vehicl

    Assuming no warranty -

    How much equity did you have built into the malibu? (NADA trade in value - Pay Off)
    How much did the dealership sell you the truck for?

    If you take the equity you had and add it to the sale price (negative equity when added is subtracting ) You should get what you payed for the truck.

    If you compare that to clean NADA or KBB retail, you can estimate his profit margin. If you got screwed file a BBB complaint - not about getting screwed, but terrible customer service - he just made 3k and wouldn't help you fix a same day issue on the truck you bought.

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